A Bold and Richly Sensuous…

…”how to” book for men who want to take back the power in the bedroom!  The author offers his sage advice to men on how to get the kind of woman they have always wanted and how to romance her into becoming an eager and devoted sex slave… and love it!

This book is not politically correct. It is just correct.  This book is also not about equality.

This book is for men who are tired of being discouraged and subdued by women and would like to change their romantic lives for the better.  And it is a remarkable study for the women who have the courage to admit they wish to please their men!

If you’re not interested in attracting and pleasuring beautiful women, this book isn’t for you.

Whatever you choose to do with this course is entirely up to you. Continue with women who fail to please or convert them into a salacious female animal. It is up to you. Just keep in mind that this system is powerful and you may find yourself surrounded by more women than you can handle.

You have been warned!

How many Asian executives travel to the USA to seek a wife… and… how many Americans travel to Asia to seek a desirable wife?

This book is written to serve men. Exactly like their women should.

How will American women find a balance between their professional world and becoming licentious and salacious after dark?

…become capable of mastering a salacious exotic dancer.

Real liberation of our females occurs when their man takes charge and the woman, in turn, get to enjoy their femaleness.

It is time to return to femininity.

Women, it is time to unleash the sensuous and lustful female within you

Here’s to America’s ships and America’s women. May they both always be well manned. Sterling Harden, author, actor and US Marine – World War II 10 November, 1969

Multiple orgasms, clearly will be the currency that converts a female into a devoted concubine.

A man can only truly possess the female by multiple orgasms induced by him as a skilled lover. It is only then that she will truly be free, wild and fulfilled.

Girls grow up to be women…however… boys grow up to be boys. Smart women reflect on this and use it to their advantage.

You are about to discover the NO NONSENSE truth about women and sexuality that polite society doesn’t want you to know. Churches, politicians, and schools fear sexuality. You can’t trust them to tell you how to give women pleasure and have an amazing sex life.

This book is designed for people who would like to return to an old-fashioned great romance with the woman being the woman and the man being the man. It is time for American men to become men again.

The American male to whom we refer is expected to be a man of good quality, who assumes responsibility for his family, his children, and his woman. He is a man who is responsible for the economics and the welfare of those in both his personal and professional life; he is a quality human being. In short, he is a gentleman. Sadly, some men have abandoned all thought of proper behavior and no longer embrace traditional male behavior. They do not admire and respect women. They are slackers. They should pass on this book – they are unworthy.